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Top 10 LoL Players of All Time

What does it mean to be a top LoL player? The answer usually varies based on the person tackling the question. Some make an argument for mechanical prodigies who overwhelm their opponents with one spectacular outplay after another. Some prefer confident shot callers that lead their allies through a combination of conviction and ingenuity. Others give their votes to bold innovators that always find new ways to break the conventional meta.

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As is often the case, the truth is somewhere in the middle. After all, the best League of Legends players tend to have it all—a perfect mixture of talent, game sense, and creativity that immediately makes you recognize their greatness. So without further ado, here’s our list of the top 10 LoL players of all time!

10. Bjergsen (NA LCS – Team SoloMid)

If there’s ever an esports Hall of Fame, Bjergsen’s name would certainly be included. He’s been on fire ever since his debut on Copenhagen Wolves, but it’s only when he joined Team SoloMid that he became the undisputed best mid laner in his region, earning the nickname of the North American Faker.


Bjergsen is TSM’s immovable object. He’s a rock-solid veteran that makes his presence known through smart laning and razor-sharp teamfighting. His mechanics are sharp enough to stand up to the top League of Legends players in the world, but his main strength is his unwavering consistency. No matter the stage or the opponent, Bjergsen finds a way to perform.

That said, he’s haunted by a lack of international success as well as his tendency to avoid risks in high-pressure situations—even if taking that chance is the only way to find victory. And until Bjergsen overcomes this hurdle, it’s hard to imagine him climbing any global League of Legends power rankings.

9. Bang (LCK – SKT T1)

Ah, Bang. Here’s a player that could challenge Bjergsen for the King of Consistency title. He’s been on SKT T1 for as long as we can remember, and yet, he’s continually made his presence known as one of the top LoL players in the world. Granted, there have been a few bumps in the road like the 2017 World Championship. But considering he’s been a part of the #1 LoL team for so long, it’s impressive how he’s managed to maintain a peak level of performance.

LoL Player Bang SKT T1

Stability isn’t the sole thing Bang brings to the table. Even on a team that’s as stacked as SKT T1, he frequently steals the spotlight in teamfights and skirmishes. On top of that, he rarely—if ever—costs his team the game, and he’s renowned for keeping his cool in those do-or-die moments. He’s even gone on record saying that he values avoiding unnecessary deaths above all else, so if you’re into League of Legends betting predictions or fantasy contests, you can always count on Bang to have a high KDA.

8. Caps (EU LCS – Fnatic)

When he first entered the EU LCS, Caps was renowned for his mechanical prowess. In fact, his talent was so overwhelming that he routinely came up with CS leads and solo kills against the best mid laners in Europe, but his dominance was somewhat undermined by his shaky decision-making. Still, Caps worked hard to shore up this weakness and over the years he went from a flashy yet unreliable mid laner to the focal point of Fnatic’s strategies.

Top Players FNC Caps

Combine this with his vast arsenal of pocket picks, and Caps is the perfect lightning rod. If you leave him unattended, he has the right combination of skill and confidence to single-handedly take over the entire game. And if you focus too much on him, his superstar teammates will have free reign in the side lanes.

7. Mata (LCK – KT Rolster)

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s best to have brains or brawn. But what if you had the perfect mixture of both? Enter Mata, the support that forever changed League of Legends. During the Samsung White era, this man came up with a brand new paradigm that completely reshaped the competitive meta. If that was the only thing he did, Mata would have still made our list of the top LoL players of all time.


But he didn’t stop there. After leaving Korea, Mata has cemented himself as the best shot caller in the game by shot calling and micromanaging his Vici Gaming and Royal Never Give Up teammates in a foreign language. Of course, he’s never been able to recapture the lightning in the battle that was Samsung White. But his immense talent is intact, and we have no doubts that one day Mata will lead another team to the World Championship title.

6. Smeb (LCK – KT Rolster)

Even among the best League of Legends players, Smeb is an anomaly. Historically, the top lane has been one of the least influential positions in the game, and yet, this man never seemed to have gotten this memo. Ever since his KOO Tigers days, he stood out as one of the strongest carries in South Korea. Whenever he steps onto the Rift, Smeb always seems to find countless opportunities to carry his team to victory and make the entire game revolve around him.

He’s also excellent at exploiting the smallest openings, and even the best LoL esports players struggle to hold off his onslaught in the laning phase. Still, his showings on KT Rolster lead us to believe that Smeb is so resource-hungry that he has a hard time sharing the spotlight with his teammates. So there’s definitely some room for concern when his team needs to play around other lanes.


5. Score (LCK – KT Rolster)

The name Score has only recently appeared on the radar of most Western fans. But in South Korea, Score has already built a legacy. He is the undisputed #1 jungler in the most competitive League of Legends region in the world, and a solid foundation of the powerhouse that is KT Rolster.

His mechanics are on point, and you can trust him to execute his combos in teamfights and skirmishing. But his real strength comes from superb pathing. Score has the innate ability to track the enemy jungler, and it’s almost uncanny how he always ends up in the right place and at the right time. The only issue is that sometimes his influence is so subtle that it’s hard to recognize just how much he does for his team. Still, it’s precisely this unique gift that lands Score in the upper half of our top LoL players of all time list.

4. TheShy (LPL – Invictus Gaming)

Remember how we said that Smeb is the godfather of carry top laners? Well, TheShy is someone who took his teachings to heart, and—at this point—it’s clear that the student has surpassed the master. From the first minutes of the game, TheShy seeks to overwhelm his lane opponents with stylish outplays and relentless aggression.

IG TheShy Best Player

He isn’t doing it just for show either. No, TheShy legitimately goes for the throat whenever he sees the slightest opening, and he keeps pressing his lead until he scores a solo kill or dies trying. Considering his mechanical skill is head and shoulders above that of other top laners, the former happens way more often than the latter, which is already a good reason to put him at the top of most League of Legends power rankings. Finally, TheShy has an excellent sense for splitpushing, and his ability to pressure a side lane opens up countless opportunities for his teammates.

3. Uzi (LPL – Royal Never Give Up)

Uzi is a player that combines mechanical prowess and mental fortitude. The LPL legend is widely considered the best AD carry in the world, and he challenges his foes with immaculate positioning and pinpoint precision. For the longest time, he struggled to claim an LPL title, but his victory in the 2018 Spring Split put an end to this narrative. On top of that, Uzi is an absolute monster when it comes to international tournaments, and he never fails to show up as one of the best League of Legends players in the world.

Perhaps most impressive is that he achieved this level of greatness while experiencing health issues. He’s been open about suffering from wrist and shoulder pains. Hell, he even had to go on the Worlds stage a day after getting drips in the hospital! This creates a unique situation where his team—Royal Never Give Up—has to play with substitute AD carries in order to avoid straining his health. But whenever RNG find themselves in a do-or-die situation, they always fall back on Uzi.

2. Rookie (LPL – Invictus Gaming)

For the longest time, Rookie has been one of many Korean that went to China chasing a bigger paycheck. However, his Worlds 2018 run turned this narrative on its head. Not only did Rookie make a solid claim to being the best League of Legends player in the world, but his individual skill was so ridiculously high that he spent the entire tournament bullying world-class mid laner as if they were random Diamond IV players from Solo Queue.

IG Rookie Top Player

But his talents go far beyond the laning phase. Rookie is the pillar of Invictus Gaming, and whether it’s teamfighting, splitpushing, or playing around his teammates, he does everything in his power to set up his team for success. And if you’re big on League of Legends betting predictions, you won’t be making a mistake by putting your faith in Rookie.

1. Faker (LCK – SKT T1)

Yeah. It’s Faker. Let’s be honest, no other pro could come first in our top LoL esports players of all time list while Faker is active. The man is a competitive juggernaut that seamlessly climbs to the highest point of most League of Legends power rankings. His level of dominance is so unbelievable, it’s akin to a fable. And yet, somehow, some way it’s entirely real.


Faker puts insurmountable amounts of pressure on enemy mid laners. In fact, his presence alone can be game-changing, as his opponents overhaul their strategies to shut down the mid lane powerhouse. However, taking down a man that was named the Unkillable Demon King is easier said than done. Faker is exceptional at soaking up jungle pressure, and he prides himself on not falling prey to enemy ganks while pushing his edge to the absolute limit.

In the later stages of the game, Faker turns into the perfect ace that seamlessly finds one outplay opportunity after another. And if Faker secures a lead, he breaks open the map with well-timed roams and teleports. His individual accomplishments are bolstered by a spotless competitive record, and until he retires, it’s hard to imagine anyone but Faker claiming the League of Legends throne.


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