Betting Provider Comparison/Top 10 League of Legends Teams of All Time

Top 10 League of Legends Teams of All Time

Some organizations cultivate greatness. There’s just something about them that fosters talent and produces high-place finishes at one major event after another. And whether it’s energetic owners, unorthodox playstyles, or continued innovation, there are certain traits that put them in a league of their own.

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With that in mind, we take a look at the top 10 League of Legends teams of all time!

10. TSM (NA LCS)

Our League of Legends top 10 team starts with TSM. Whatever you think of them, it’s hard to argue against their domestic dominance. They’ve been playing at their peak since the game’s inception—a sentiment that’s echoed by the fact they’ve made almost every NA LCS finals.

league of legends TSM Team Solo Mid

It’s also worth noting that they never stayed the same.Many first-class players joined the organization to reshape its identity, and the current iteration of TSM is wildly different from the team Reginald created. And yet, they’re all united by the burning desire to dominate their league. So much so that anyone in the League of Legends betting scene would tell you to trust TSM to make a splash in the playoffs. And while they don’t have much to show in terms of international success, TSM refuse to lose on home turf.

9. Moscow 5 (Europe)

Now that’s a name we haven’t heard in a long time! It’s true that Moscow 5’s dominance lies in the past, but the lineup of Darien, Diamondprox, Alex Ich, Genja, and Edward deserves to be remembered. Before the LCS era, this 5-man squad was one of the best League of Legends teams in Europe and—possibly—the world.

Their track record includes great showings at IEMs, DreamHacks, and even World Championships. Not only that but they earned the unofficial title of ‘Korean Killers’ for their ability to stand up to the LCK teams when no other Western team could. But their biggest contributions to the League of Legends scene lie elsewhere.


At their hearts, Moscow 5 were innovators. And while some of their findings were silly like Genja’s Trinity Force Kog’Maw, others forever reshaped the competitive meta. We’re talking, of course, about counter jungling. At the time, the idea of farming enemy camps was almost unheard of, and it wasn’t until Alex Ich and Diamondprox introduced it to the scene that people realized how powerful it can be. For that reason alone, Moscow 5 deserve to stand among the top LoL esports teams.

8. Cloud9 (NA LCS)

It’s hard to find an organization as likable as Cloud9. Their origin of five friends banding together to break into the NA LCS already makes one hell of a story, but the way they dominated the most competitive league in their region made it the stuff of legend.

With Hai at the helm of their shot calling, C9 took the NA LCS by storm. Their strategic prowess went unmatched for over a year, and it was only when they were about to claim their third consecutive title that TSM found a way to fight back. Still, their rivals had to study their playstyle in order to challenge them, and it’s fair to say that Cloud9 was responsible for teaching North America how to macro.


But they didn’t stop there. Even after adapting to countless meta changes and making numerous roster moves, this organization stays at the top of the League of Legends power rankings. On top of that, they are North America’s best-performing team at international tournaments, and they have a multitude of great Worlds runs under their belt, including a top-4 finish at the 2018 Worlds Championship. At this point, it’s clear Cloud9 didn’t just make a good team. They’ve created a legacy.

7. G2 Esports (EU LCS)

Here’s another League of Legends team that built a long-standing history of competitive success. Ever since they qualified for the EU LCS, G2 Esports towered above the competition. Their playstyle combined refined strategies and strong mechanical execution, resulting in a perfect mixture of brains and brawn. Indeed, the lineup of Expect, Trick, Perkz, Zven, and Mithy was one of a kind, and it’s rare to find players that so perfectly complement each other. That being said, their journey wasn’t a seamless one.


G2 encountered plenty of bumps in the road to greatness, but it’s their ability to overcome these obstacles that earned them the title of “The Kings of Europe”. One of their biggest shortcomings was the continued struggle at international events. But once again, G2 regained their composure and put an end to this narrative with a spectacular 2017 MSI run.

But wait, there’s more! After losing four out of five members of their roster, G2 rebuilt their lineup around the superstar mid laner, Perkz. The result? A top-4 finish at Worlds 2018 as well as a victory against the tournament favorites in RNG. With that, G2 have forever cemented themselves as one of the greatest LoL esports teams of all time.

6. EDward Gaming (LPL)

EDward Gaming (EDG) are China’s betrayers. They broke into the LPL scene by poaching Team WE’s coach Aaronas well as two of their players, Clearlove and Fzzf. Considering Team WE had a massive fan base, this turned EDG into the most hated League of Legends team in the region.

This hostility didn’t phase them. On the contrary, EDG made it loud and clear they were going to fight resentment with results. And this is exactly what they did. Their trophy case is filled with first-place finishes, and they already have five LPL titles to their name.


But their biggest achievement happened at the 2015 MSI. There, EDG went all the way to the finals to face the unwavering juggernauts that were SKT T1. EDG came into the match as heavy underdogs, but it quickly became clear that they weren’t going to go down without a fight.

The series went the full distance. It seemed like EDG were about to suffer a crushing defeat, as they gave SKT’s superstar mid laner his trademark LeBlanc pick, but unbeknownst to everyone, they prepared an intricate strategy to counter the champion. The plan worked, and EDG took the series. And once they’ve managed to defeat the best League of Legends team in the world, not even their biggest critics could hate them.

5. Royal Never Give Up (LPL)

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) may as well be cursed. This is a team that’s consistently been at the top of most League of Legends power rankings, and yet, it’s only in 2018 that RNG won their first LPL title. But what they lack in domestic success, RNG make up through stellar international showings. Whether its IEM, MSI, or even Worlds, you can bet on RNG making deep runs and challenging Korean League of Legends teams in the process. 2018 was their most impressive year to date, as Royal Never Give Up won 5 out of 6 competitions they’ve attended.


The driving force behind their success is their superstar AD carry, Uzi. On top of that, RNG never miss an opportunity to upgrade their roster. At different points in time, they’ve fielded top-tier players like inSec, Mata, NaMei, and Xiaohu, and it’s this combination of immense talent and smart management that allows them to stay at the top.

4. Fnatic (EU LCS)

Fnatic have a rich history. Their competitive journey starts with a victory at the first-ever World Championship, and it gets even wilder as years go by. They’re a team that’s always been at the top of its region, going toe-to-toe with monsters like Moscow 5, CLG.EU, and Alliance. But when said monsters disappeared into the night, Fnatic kept reaching new heights.

The old-school fans will remember the xPeke days and the clutch outplays that came with them.


What’s surprising, though, is that Fnatic became even stronger after losing their captain, and the following Huni/Reignover roster remains one of the most explosive European lineups to date. They also have a great international record, and you can count on Fnatic to hold their ground against the best League of Legends teams in the world. In fact, their second-place finish at Worlds 2018 is the best international result a Western team has produced since season 1. Fnatic are a hallmark of competitive excellence, and that’s exactly what earns them a spot on our list.

3. Invictus Gaming (LPL)

A year or two ago, Invictus Gaming weren’t even on anyone’s radar. Or, well, they were the token Chinese team that always fell inches short of an LPL title and struggled to put together a solid showing at international events. Now that they’ve won Worlds 2018, it’s time to reconsider this narrative.

ggbet league of legends betting bonus

This team has an overwhelming amount of talent, and its solo laners—TheShy and Rookie—have a solid claim to being the best players in the world. Combine that with explosive laning, relentless aggression, and decisive teamfighting, and it’s easy to see how Invictus Gaming took the League of Legends scene by storm. Of course, a single accomplishment, even if it’s as grand as a world champion trophy, isn’t enough to completely overshadow IG’s previous shortcomings. But it definitely earned them a place in the top-3 of our best League of Legends teams of all time list.

2. Samsung White (LCK)

You could make an argument that Samsung White were a one-hit wonder. And technically, you’d be right. That said, we’d much prefer the term ‘lightning in a bottle’. This is a League of Legends team that’s existed for a fraction of the game’s history, and yet, it completely revolutionized pro play. It’s worth noting that Samsung White were never that dominant in their own region, and they even had a losing record against their sister team, Samsung Blue.

samsung white league of legends team

However, they hit their peak at the 2014 World Championship. And everyone else was overwhelmed. Samsung White breezed through the group stage to qualify for the knockout bracket. There, they dismantled TSM, Samsung Blue, and Royal Club, making the best League of Legends teams in the world look like Solo Queue lineups. This run went down in history as the most one-sided Worlds showing to date.

But that wasn’t the only thing they brought to the table. Samsung White mastered the art of macro, and their lane swaps and teleports became the competitive standard long after they disbanded. And it’s these trailblazing tendencies that grant them the second spot on our list.

1. SKT T1 (LCK)

IG’s firepower was great, and Samsung White’s innovations were even better. But none of them could match the unwavering legacy of SKT T1. This is less of a League of Legends team and more of a machine that grinds you down with ruthless precision.

skt-t1 league of legends esports team

Holding four consecutive Worlds titles, SKT seemingly refuse the idea of failure. Their opponents are constantly on their toes because the smallest misstep can lead to SKT taking over the game, and when that happens, they never let go until they reach the enemy Nexus.

Last but not least, SKT enjoy the benefit of fielding the best player in the world. Faker. The man is a competitive titan, and his combination of razor-sharp mechanics and acute game sense turned the tide of countless battles. Granted, SKT have been on a downswing in recent years. But whether it’s a major tournament or an LCK split, anyone that’s into League of Legends betting knows better than to count out SKT T1.

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