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Your guide to the best League of Legends betting tips

Welcome to our resource of League of Legends betting tips that can help you make some decent winnings from this classic battle arena game. Ever since Riot Games released LoL in 2009, there have been more and more people wanting to make a League of Legends prediction on which team would come out top in the growing number of massive LoL competitions. And as more betting sites now offer odds on this exciting esport, it’s clear that there’s a real demand for some decent League of Legends betting tips. So read our guide to betting on LoL and see how you can win big on this awesome title.

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Why you need a decent LoL betting strategy

Many casual punters will wonder why they need to get any League of Legends betting tips for wagering on a video game. But it’s clear that as League of Legends gets more professionalised, then you’ll need to step up your game in order to maximise your chances of making a good profit.

Whether you are using Reddit betting tips, or are just learning from past LoL tournaments, there’s nothing like putting in some research before you make an esports bet. So be sure to analyse past form, get advice on LoL betting from Reddit and read the latest esports news to make some profits from this iconic game.

What kinds of bets can you use your League of Legends betting tips on?

Many Reddit betting tips will tell you simple things like who people rate as the best LoL team. This can be handy in predicting who will win a certain competition or LoL match, but as many betting sites now offer odds on anything from the first map winner, to the first blood, it’s clear that you might need to delve a little deeper in your betting strategies.

And whether you are betting on the LPL China Spring Split or the Esport Balkan League, there’s nothing like getting some expert insight into these overseas League of Legends tournaments.

Should LoL betting tips outweigh your gut instinct?

There’s nothing wrong with using your gut instinct when you make a LoL bet. If you’ve seen a particular League of Legends team is looking worse for wear, and they’ve been given strong odds by the bookie, then by all means, follow your gut instinct and see how you could take advantage of a potential betting upset.

However, as there are hundreds of promising League of Legends teams, it’s clear that you’re never going to be able to know exactly what’s going on in this dynamic scene. So why not do a little research on some Reddit betting threads to see who the most promising names in the LoL realm are.

Get a LoL betting strategy to last the distance

Too many casual punters will place an esports bet, and then give up when they lose their bets. However, all experienced punters know that losing bets are an inevitable part of esports betting. So this is why it’s always wise to get a good strategy in place so that you can suffer a nasty losing streak and still walk away with a decent amount of money. By carefully managing your betting budget and wagering responsibly, you should be able to use some betting tips as a way of enjoying some long-lasting LoL betting entertainment.

Getting advice from Reddit for betting on League of Legends

If you are looking for a quick way to get some interesting information about the current League of Legends scene, then it’s clear that Reddit is a great place to start. This site is a treasure trove of fascinating facts and opinions about developments in esports, there’s nothing like using Reddit for betting on League of Legends.

You might have to scroll past some of the flame wars and trolls in order to find some decent nuggets of LoL betting information, but it’s clear that the majority of opinions on Reddit are fairly unbiased and definitely uncensored.

Should you follow Reddit betting advice?

Before you sign up to the latest Reddit betting strategy, it’s important to remember that the opinions on there offer little in the way of accountability. Whether it’s a Reddit user who’s slating a top LoL team, or just a self-appointed expert giving misleading League of Legends tips, there will be plenty of punters who have been burned by following betting advice on Reddit too closely.

So be sure to read what LoL betting tips are on offer at Reddit, but don’t feel like it should be your only source of information for making your League of Legends bets.

Trusting advice on Reddit for betting sites

We should also mention that you shouldn’t always trust everything you read on Reddit about esports betting sites. Much of the rise of the controversial skin gambling phenomenon has been put down to the influence of Reddit, and so it’s always a good idea to stay with reputable and licensed esports betting sites.

We’ve carried out a review of the best LoL betting sites so that you can be sure of getting competitive odds and a professional betting service from some of the most respected bookmakers. So don’t feel like you should sign up to any shady betting sites.

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Other good resources for getting League of Legends betting tips

There’s obviously much more than Reddit for getting some decent LoL betting tips. A quick Google search for LoL betting reveals a seemingly endless amount of sites offering advice for your League of Legends bets. Whether it’s following your favourite LoL stars on Twitter, or watching their latest gaming antics on Twitch, it’s all about staying up with the latest developments in this dynamic gaming realm.

So be sure to research far and wide to see how even the most unlikely LoL tip can transform your esports betting fortunes.

How social media can inform your LoL betting strategy

We’ve recently seen plenty of social media channels providing tips on LoL betting. Whilst you should always treat some of these tips carefully, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on them so that you can keep abreast of the current developments in the esports scene. In addition to this, many of the top LoL players and teams have informative Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you can follow them and find out more about how they are shaping up for the next big LoL tournament.

Following esports news sites for the best League of Legends betting

Whilst esports was once a niche sport, it’s clear that it’s starting to make a much bigger impression in the mainstream. As a result we’ve started to see a handful of decent esports news sites popping up that can be a useful resource for quickly finding out the latest developments in League of Legends.

Whether it’s a news report from the LMS Spring Season, or even a match preview on the group stages of the OPL Split, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on these news sites so that you can get a good idea of who to bet on the next time that a massive LoL tournament comes around.

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Finding the best League of Legends betting site for your LoL bets

There’s no point in getting some decent LoL betting tips if you can’t find a decent bookmaker who provides the suitable betting markets. This is why you should check with our shortlist of recommended League of Legends bookmakers so that you can use your betting strategies successfully and walk away with some decent winnings.

Here’s a quick look at what kinds of things you should look for in a LoL betting website.

How a decent bonus can help your esports betting

Most punters will know how you can use a bookmakers’ welcome bonus in order to get a decent head-start on your esports betting. But you should always check the terms and conditions of the bookie’s promotion to see how it can apply to your LoL betting tips.

However, most esports betting sites will put on offers that are more than capable of helping you get a decent return on your initial bets with the brand. So check out our rundown of the best LoL betting bonuses currently out there.

Using League of Legends tips for different LoL tournaments

If you go to a traditional online bookmaker, then the chances are that they might only feature odds on the biggest LoL tournaments like the final of the LoL World Championship. This is obviously not much use if you’ve just got a tip for the LPL China Spring Split.

So make sure that you sign up to the esports betting sites who consistently give you odds for a wide range of LoL tournaments. Whether it’s a major tournament or a minor competition, they can all give you a good chance of a decent return on your LoL bets, so be sure to pick a dedicated League of Legends betting site.

Picking a site that has enough betting markets for your League of Legends betting tips

Just as you should pick a LoL betting website that gives you a good choice of tournaments to bet on, you should also pay attention to what kinds of betting markets the bookmaker offers. Many betting sites just allow you to bet on the outright tournament winner or the match winner, but if you look carefully you will find bookies who offer way more interesting betting markets.

These include betting options for first map won, and first kill. And with plenty of bets on things like who can claim the first tower, it shows that there are many ways to use your LoL betting tips.

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Why live betting matters for your League of Legends tips

Most esports betting fans will know how live betting is one of the most exciting ways to bet on League of Legends. There’s nothing like taking a last minute bet on the last map of an LoL bout to add some adrenaline to your esports viewing.

And it’s clear that live betting offers you plenty of ways to make use of some LoL betting tips too. If you know that a particular team have a habit of finishing a match with plenty of fighting spirit, then you’ll know to take an in-play bet later in the game. Whereas if you’ve heard a tip that a certain LoL side have a tendency to throw it all away in the dying moments of a match, then you will know to cash out your bets early and make a decent esports betting profit.

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