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League of Legends Fantasy Betting

If you’ve spent some time in the LoL esports scene, you’ve probably heard of Fantasy LCS or League of Legends fantasy betting. This is a different type of betting that originated in the USA in the 1950s. Since then the concept gained a lot of traction, and now, punters can join countless daily fantasy contests on platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel. The main difference from conventional gambling is that you’re not wagering on the outcome of competitive LoL esports matches.


Instead, you’re betting on players. That is, you’re entering a fantasy league and building a fictional team from a predetermined pool of players. Usually you have to pay a real money fee to join a fantasy league in a similar way you’d pay a buy-in to take part in a poker tournament, but there are plenty of contests that let you participate free of charge.

Once the league ends, each punter receives a number of points based on how well his players performed, and the punters with the most points get an ample chunk of the prize pool for their efforts. Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more about fantasy League of Legends Championship Series, best fantasy betting sites, and everything that goes into drafting your first fantasy team!

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Rules of League of Legends Fantasy Betting

One of the more confusing things for rookie punters is that there is no unified fantasy LCS ruleset. Most sites and leagues have their own ideas of how the system should function, so you will run into many different takes on the genre. Don’t fret, though, because all of them follow some basic concepts, and once you get these down, you’ll have no issues navigating League of Legends fantasy betting competitions!

For starters, almost every fantasy league has a salary cap—a set budget which you can use to draft players for your team. Keep in mind that you can’t go over it, and different players have different price tags. Superstars will be a huge hit to your wallet, underperformers will be cheaper than dirt, and average players will fall somewhere in between. And if you want to win your league, you need to build the best team possible within these limitations.


But wait, how do you win a fantasy league in the first place? The answer is simple: by racking up more points than other punters. Every action a player makes on the Summoner’s Rift has an effect on your fantasy team, so kills, assists, last-hits, and good KDA ratios will add points while deaths will subtract them.

Finally, League of Legends fantasy betting comes with its own roster requirements. Granted, you still need to find players for the regular top, jungle, mid, bot, and support roles, but you also have to fill flex player and team slots. Flex players work the same way other players do, but they aren’t tied to a particular role, allowing you to draft two junglers or two AD carries. As for the team slot, it determines which team will be bringing you points for stuff like turrets, dragons, Barons, First Bloods, map victories, etc.

How Can I Draft a Good Team?

Now that we’ve walked you through the basics, let’s see what it takes to build a good fantasy League of Legends Championship Series team! The first thing you need to learn is to not chase superstars. It might be tempting to fill your team with monsters like Bjergsen, Doublelift, and Dardoch, but these players usually cost a lot of money, so drafting them will force you to get subpar options for other positions.


That being said, make sure to spend a little extra on mid lane and AD carry roles. A high kill count is the most reliable way of racking up points, so carry roles will naturally provide the best value for your money. In fact, try to get mid laners and AD carries as your flex players or—if that’s not an option—turn to high-impact junglers and top laners. As you might’ve guessed, support is the least important role in League of Legends fantasy betting, so it’s okay to get a mediocre support if that means you can get better players in other positions. Don’t go overboard, though. The rule of thumb is that average pros on winning teams bring in more points than superstars on losing lineups, so keep that in mind during the draft.

Finally, be wary of roster substitutions. Some organizations alternate between starters and substitutes, which might be a great strategy for them, but an awful turn of events for you. After all, you don’t get any points if your pro didn’t play on stage. So, for example, if you drafted Faker, but SKT decided to replace him with Pirean, your fantasy team will effectively not have a mid laner.

Where Can I Play League of Legends Fantasy Betting?

If you’re looking to make a profit off League of Legends fantasy betting, few places are better than DraftKings and FanDuel. Both of these sites are renowned for their real money fantasy sports offers, and the constant stream of leagues and daily fantasy contests will leave even the most selective esports punters satisfied.

But fantasy esports don’t have to revolve around cash or betting sites. The League of Legends developer—Riot Games—has its own platform where you play fantasy LCS together with your friends. And while you won’t make a living off it, it’s a great way to have some fun and get familiar with the basics of the fantasy genre.


Final Word on Fantasy LCS
Fantasy LCS can be a fun pastime and a great alternative to traditional betting. As long as you learn basic rules and budget management, you can build a strong team and find your footing in daily fantasy contests. Remember, though, that you still need to predict the outcome of the actual matches. It might be tempting to jump right into the fray on DraftKings or FanDuel, but take some time to analyze the matchups and figure out which players will earn you the most points. And it’s only when you get this part down that you will be able to set yourself up for long-term success.