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League of Legends Mid-Season Streamathon

Mid Season Streamathon

Riot has recently announced a first of its kind, an upcoming League of Legends Mid-Season Streamathon. The live stream intends to celebrate the League of Legends community amongst these tough times, and especially act as a fundraiser for much needed COVID-19 relief. There is quite a decent amount of variety, featuring more than 48 hours […]

Where to Watch LoL Esports

LoL Esports Twitch TV

Want to learn more about how and where to watch LoL Esports online? League of Legends is arguably the most popular game in the world. While at times other newly released games do temporarily take over the spot, League of Legends always manages to bounce back. It is no wonder why the League of Legends […]

How much time and money I wasted on LoL?

How much time I spent on LoL?

League of Legends is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena game, with millions of players worldwide. The recipe for success was simple, as Riot Games has developed a free to play game that is highly competitive and engaging. Once you jump on the bandwagon, there’s a good chance to keep on playing until the […]

LCS 2020 Power Rankings – Evil Geniuses the potential underdogs


The start to the 2020 LCS Spring split is fast approaching, the event set to start on January 25th. While 2019 might have been a disappointing year for North America, with the region falling further behind their European counterparts, this new year represents an opportunity for NA to turn it all around. Three well known […]

LCK Summer 2018 – Regionals Betting Tips

LCK Match Predictions

The final round of the LCK Summer 2018 Gauntlet is almost here! The Regional Qualifiers will wrap up with the Kingzone DragonX vs Gen.G series on September 16. Which team has the upper hand, and—most importantly—can you make some money off this matchup? Find the answer in our LCK Gauntlet betting tips! Our top bookmakers […]

Japan is Going All-In on Esports

When it comes to gaming, few countries can match Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun has a population of 127 million, and according to a recent study, 65 million of those can be classified as gamers. So, surely it should be considered a pillar of esports on par with South Korea? Well, not exactly. […]