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League of Legends World Championship Betting Tips – Play-In Edition

Published on: 25/09/2018

Worlds 2018 begins on October 1! This is the largest tournament in the League of Legends scene, so naturally, it is rich with gambling opportunities. But how do you tell the underdogs from the favorites when there are so many teams fighting for fame, glory, and a chunk of a multi-million dollar prize pool? Don’t fret, because we’ve already prepared League of Legends World Championship betting tips for the Play-In stage of the event!

As a disclaimer, the first days of Worlds 2018 come down to massive favorites facing definite underdogs, so there aren’t any great League of Legends World Championship betting opportunities. With that, don’t expect to find generous odds for this timeframe.

UPDATE: Due to several teams experiencing visa issues, Riot Games has made changes to the Worlds Play-In stage schedule. With that, the matches that took place on Day 1 and Day 3 of the Play-In stage will now happen on Day 2 and Day 4 and vice versa.

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Dire Wolves vs Infinity eSports

Dire Wolves are a very conventional team. Their playstyle revolves around drafting scaling comps and waiting for their carries—Triple and K1ng—to hit their power spikes. But even though this approach might seem uninspiring, Dire Wolves are still very formidable in mid-game teamfights. On top of that, they have a couple of pocket picks at their disposal, which makes them very tricky in drafts.

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Ascension Gaming are all about overpowering their opponents. Granted, they do show flashes of brilliance in the early game, so this approach does hold some merit. But ultimately, they don’t seem to have the slightest clue on how to set up teamfights, control objectives, and approach other macro-oriented concepts.

UPDATE: On September 27, Riot Games published the comptetive ruling on Dire Wolves’ jungler Shernfire. Shernfire was punished with a fine and a 2-game suspension for his toxic behavior, so he won’t be starting in this game. And even though Dire Wolves have a substitute, Rippii, they haven’t played with him for over 2 years. With that, the matchup becomes way too volatile, so only bet on it if you’re willing to accept the increased risk.

BETTING ADVICE: As long as Dire Wolves survive the first 15 minutes of the match, they should have this game in the bag. You can bet on Dire Wolves’ victory for League of Legends betting Worlds odds of 1.40 at Betspawn.

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Gambit Esports vs G-Rex

Many old-school esports fans still see the shadow Moscow Five when they look at Gambit Esports. However, that’s nothing but a trick of the light. Gambit Esports has little in common with the Russian juggernaut of season 2 other than two legacy players, Diamondprox and Edward. And while this squad showcases impressive creativity and teamfighting prowess, it’s far too unrefined to close out the game without committing any serious blunders.

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Of course, G-Rex are the weakest third seed from a major region, but this still puts them above most wildcard teams—and Gambit Esports is no exception. To make matters worse, they excel at punishing enemy aggression and positioning mistakes. Combine that with strong side lane pressure from PK and Stitch as well as a solid mid/jungle duo, and G-Rex are the obvious favorites in this matchup.

BETTING ADVICE: You can place a wager on G-Rex stealing a W for League of Legends betting odds of 1.50 at Betway.

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DetonatioN FocusMe vs KaBum eSports

There’s no denying that DetonatioN FocusMe looked dominant on their home turf, but it’s also clear that Japan is one of the weakest League of Legends regions in the scene. With that, we can’t imagine DetonatioN pulling off their questionable team comps or getting away with their shaky early game at Worlds. Granted, they have the synergy to do well in teamfights. But considering that’s the only thing they’ve got going for them, we don’t see it getting them very far.

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Now, KaBum! e-Sports also have a number of weird comps in their arsenal. That said, they’re much more willing to use them to set the pace of the game. Ranger, in particular, is great at initiating teamfights and skirmishes, and his teammates have plenty of firepower to challenge most wildcard teams in 5v5s. And even though KaBum’s late game decision-making is lacking, it won’t matter if they just outmuscle DetonatioN before that.

BETTING ADVICE: You bet on KaBum! e-Sports taking down DetonaioN FocusMe for League of Legends betting Worlds odds of 1.51 at GG.bet

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