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League of Legends Worlds Betting Guide – Play-In Playoffs

Published on: 05/10/2018

The Play-In stage of the 2018 World Championship is coming to its conclusion! We’re in for four exciting playoffs series between teams from emerging and major regions. Can any wildcards pull off an upset? And how can you make the most out of upcoming matches? Find the answers in our quick League of Legends Worlds betting guide!

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Cloud9 vs Gambit Esports

Cloud9 are far from a clean team. Don’t be fooled by their 4-0 record because this team had a lot of issues dealing with DetonatioN FocusMe in the group stage. Hell, even KaBuM! e-Sports managed to put a dent into them. Not only is Blaber not nearly as dominant as he was on home turf, but Cloud9 often look like they’re not on the same page during fights and rotations. Still, Sneaky and Jensen bring a ton of firepower to the table, and the fact that C9 haven’t used Svenskeren yet means this team has an ace up its sleeve.

C9 Worlds Predictions

Meanwhile, it’s hard to find many redeeming features in Gambit Esports. This lineup is downright dysfunctional, which is very surprising when you consider how long it’s been together. The biggest problem comes from blatant overagression, as Edward and PVPStejos continuously overstep their limits in teamfights and skirmishes. It also doesn’t help that Gambit are very shaky in the early game, making it way too easy to overpower them in the laning phase.

BETTING ADVICE: Gambit Esports are outmatched here. You can bet on Cloud9 scoring a 3-0 victory for League of Legends Worlds betting odds of 1.90 at ArcaneBet.

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Edward Gaming and DetonatioN FocusMe

Edward Gaming looked like the definition of a powerhouse right until they fell to Infinity eSports. Still, the loss seemed to reinvigorate the Chinese lineup, as they ramped up the aggression in the following group stage game. Scout and iBoy are putting on an absolute clinic in the carry position. Combine that with daring initiations from Meiko and constant pressure from Clearlove/Haro, and it’s not exactly surprising that EDG overwhelm most opponents during the first 15 minutes of the game.

arcanebet lol betting

Granted, they have their flaws in the late game, but it’s not likely that DetonatioN FocusMe will get far enough to exploit them. That’s not to say DFM are a horrible team. On the contrary, the Japanese lineup was a pleasant surprise in the group stage, as their unorthodox drafts and polished teamfights kept their opponents on their toes. But in the end, DetonatioN don’t have the talent to match a competitive juggernaut like Edward Gaming.

BETTING ADVICE: EDG are so far ahead that even the correct score bets don’t present enough value to consider them. Still, the fact that Edward Gaming are a very early-game-focused team means you can make some money by betting on the total time for each map being less than 28 minutes for League of Legnds Worlds betting odds of 1.86 at ArcaneBet. In an ideal world, try to place these wagers live after seeing the drafts to ensure DFM don’t have easy ways to stall out their games.

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G2 Esports vs Infinity eSports

G2 Esports had a rough start in the group stage, but they’ve bounced back from it. Perkz is playing out of his mind in the mid lane, and the entire team looks much more cohesive after Wunder went back to carries and bruisers. Moreover, the ability to flex Akali and Urgot makes G2 very tricky to face in the pick/ban phase. Unfortunately, Hjarnan is still a giant question mark when he’s not on Jhin or Heimerdinger. Also, G2 have a weird tendency to overextend and miss their recall timings, which exposes them to enemy counterattacks.

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And if you’ve followed Group A matches, that’s exactly how Infinity eSports won their match against Edward Gaming! Ultimately, no one on this team is strong enough to challenge G2 in lane. However, Infinity showcased an impressive level of synergy and resilience in the group stage, which makes them deadly in 5v5s. Granted, G2 will still have to give them an opportunity for a comeback, but if an opening presents itself, Infinity will be sure to take advantage of it.

BETTING ADVICE: G2 are an obvious favorite here, but are they refined enough to pull off a clean sweep? We think not. You can bet on G2 winning the series with a 3-1 score for League of Legends Worlds betting odds of 2.45 at Betway.

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G-Rex vs SuperMassive Esports

If you’ve done some League of Legends Worlds betting in the past, there’s a good chance G-Rex is a legitimate surprise for you. After all, it’s almost unheard of for the third seed from the LMS to be a competent team. And yet, that’s exactly what G-Rex are. The bot lane presence from Stitch and Koala is insane, and the duo routinely dominates the laning phase. On top of that, Empt2y exerts a ton of pressure with his ganks, which sets his teammates up with a formidable early game. But G-Rex really hit their peak in the late game where they can flex on their enemies with clean flanks and explosive teamfights.

esportsbetting league of legends

SuperMassive Esports had a strong start with a victory against G2, but they somewhat fell down to earth towards the end of the group stage. Their greatest strength lies in the bot lane where Zeitnot and SnowFlower seamlessly outmuscle their opponents. Still, this duo is so used to being aggressive that it’s quite susceptible to ganks. On top of that, GMB and fabFabulous leave a lot to be desired in the laning phase, making SuperMassive’s early game rocky at best. And while they can claw their way back into the game thanks to Zeitnot’s teamfighting, this a very narrow win condition to play around on a World Championship stage.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on G-Rex securing a 3-1 victory for League of Legends Worlds betting odds of 3.25 at EsportsBetting.

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