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Betting Provider Comparison/Betting Tips/LoL LEC Bet Advise – Week 1 of 2019 Spring Split

LoL LEC Bet Advise – Week 1 of 2019 Spring Split

Published on: 10/01/2019

The EU LCS comes back on January 18, and it has a new name! Meet the LEC aka the franchised version of the biggest League of Legends competition in Europe. Naturally, franchising comes with new teams and rosters, so even seasoned punters might have a hard time navigating different matchups. Don’t fret, though, because our LoL esports experts have already done the grunt work to highlight the most lucrative LoL LEC bets for week 1 of the competition!

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LoL LEC Bet Advise – Day 1

exceL Esports vs Splyce

exceL Esports have just made it into the LEC, but they already stand out from the competition. The main reason behind this is their 10-man roster. That’s right, exceL Esports is the only European team with official substitutes for every single position.

Unfortunately, quantity doesn’t always equal quality. At best, players like Expect, Caedrel, Exileh fall into the good-but-not-great category. At worst, they’re way past their prime. Of course, exceL have the option of falling back on their rich cast of rookies—after all, one of them could easily turn out to be the next Caps or Bwipo. But considering that superstars don’t appear overnight, we wouldn’t advise you to place any LoL LEC bets in exceL’s favor. At least, not until they prove themselves on the Rift.

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Splyce are in a much better position. Replacing Odoamne with Vizicsacsi only strengthened their top lane, as the former struggled to perform on a consistent basis towards the end of 2018. Acquiring Norskeren is equally important. The Norwegian support was underrated on ROCCAT, and his mechanical prowess and deep champion pool make him a clear-cut upgrade over KaSing. Meanwhile, Humanoid is one of the hottest prospects in the European League of Legends scene, so he might very well turn out to be the terror of the LEC mid lane.

It’s also worth looking at the pieces Splyce retained. Xerxe had a rough start to his 2018 season, but he reestablished himself as one of the most creative European junglers in summer. As for Kobbe, he’s always been rock solid in the bot lane. And as long as he gets through the laning phase, he’ll make his presence known in teamfights and skirmishes.

BETTING ADVICE: exceL are in for an uphill battle here. Unless their rookies perform way past the expectations, there’s a good chance they will be playing this match with zero winning lanes, and it’s hard to imagine Splyce losing from that position. You can place a LoL LEC bet in Splyce’s favor for odds of 1.50 at Betspawn.

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Team Vitality vs FC Schalke 04

Team Vitality have made a splash at Worlds 2018, but they’re definitely hungry for more. Jiizuke and Atilla are textbook examples of fearless carries, and they will jump at every opportunity they can get to kick-start a fight. Of course, this recklessness can blow up in their face, but fortunately for them, they have the solid duo of Cabochard and Jactroll to fall back on. Most importantly, all of the abovementioned players have preexisting synergy from the 2018 season, which puts them a step ahead of newly-formed teams.

The only possible issue is Mowgli. He came in as a replacement for Kikis, and—on paper—he has the brains and the brawn to be a better player. However, communication is often a challenge when it comes to Korean imports, and if Vitality don’t find a way to integrate Mowgli into their shot calling system, they might lose a lot of momentum in the early game.

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FC Schalke 04 have their own demons to battle. The off-season saw them losing every single player barring Upset, and while they filled the gaps nicely, it will still take some time for the new roster to mesh. There’s also a question of solo lanes. Odoamne didn’t exactly have the most convincing showings in 2018, so it remains to be seen whether he can perform at a high level. To make matters worse, Abbedagge is a rookie, so he will be busy learning the ropes instead of providing support to his top laner.

Schalke’s other recruits hold more promise. Memento is widely regarded as one of the best early game junglers in the region, and IgNar is renowned for his playmaking talents. Finally, Upset rounds out Schalke’s roster by providing a much-needed win condition in the later stages of the game.

BETTING ADVICE: If both of these teams had the same amount of practice, this would be close. However, Vitality hold the advantage of playing together since 2018, while Schalke still need to figure out how they want to approach the game. You can put a LoL LEC bet on Vitality scoring a victory over FC Schalke for odds of 1.50 at ArcaneBet.

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LoL LEC Bet Advise – Day 2

We’ll be adding Day 2 LoL LEC bet advise on January 19, so stay tuned for our update!