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LoL LCS Betting Guide

Where to bet on League of Legends? This question constantly comes up in the LoL betting scene. Because unlike with other esports, if you want to make League of Legends wagers, you’re not looking for massive tournaments. You’re looking for leagues.


Competitions like the LCS, LEC, and LCK present countless opportunities for teams and players to prove their worth in their home regions. They also open up numerous betting markets for esports punters. That said, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting into, so here’s a quick guide to the best competitions for your league betting needs!

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1. LCS LoL esports betting

The LCS (or League of Legends Championship Series) is the biggest LoL event in the United States of America. It takes place in Los Angeles, and it involves 10 professional teams playing in a double round robin format for 9 weeks of the regular season—that is, each participant has to fight every opponent twice.

As for the battle itself, it takes the shape of fierce Best of One matches. This a winner-take-all type of deal, so the stakes are undeniably high and the pressure is even higher. Since Bo1s only last for a single game, everyone gets one shot to take down their opponents, so they do everything in their power to hit the bullseye.

The Bo1 format is perfect for betting on League of Legends LCS matches. Granted, there’s a degree of randomness here, as certain teams might have a slow start while others might use underhanded tactics to score a quick victory. However, these games are great for highlighting each team’s strengths and bringing out the excitement of League of Legends esports. And in the end, that’s exactly what makes LoL LCS betting so fun!


The stakes only get higher in the playoffs. It’s at this time that the format shifts towards Bo5s, so competitive lineups have more room to express their skill and experiment with drafts. The regular season matches have a fair share of luck involved, but this setting ensures that only the best possible LoL teams take the W. So if you’ve ever asked yourself the “Where to bet on League of Legends?” question, look no further than the LCS playoffs!

It’s worth noting that North American lineups prioritize teamwork above else. This is a scene fueled by gigantic organizations and massive investors that make sure to provide their players with the best coaches and training facilities. Players themselves are also noteworthy. The league is renowned for its captivating storylines and big personalities, which makes LoL LCS betting that much more exciting.

Historically, the LCS has been dominated by endemic organizations like TSM, CLG, and Cloud9. Times are changing, though. Multiple new teams emerged from the franchising system new to challenge established powerhouses—and they’re much more successful than one might think. This presents punters with endless betting opportunities, as predicting an upset in favor of a non-endimic organization is sure to come with good odds on most bookmaking platforms.


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2. LEC LoL esports betting

Here’s another answer to the where to bet on League of Legends question! The LEC (or the League of Legends European Championship) is the biggest LoL competition in Europe. It takes place in Berlin, Germany, and its format mirrors that of its North American cousin. Those familiar with LoL LCS betting will be met with the same thrilling Bo1 skirmishes in the regular season and intricate Bo5 battles in the playoffs.

But while the structures are similar, the leagues are surprisingly distinct. The main difference lies in playstyles. The LEC is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, and it’s the way they mesh that defines how European teams approach League of Legends. Some are bold innovators that use creative strategies and off-meta tactics to put their enemies on the back foot, others are mechanical prodigies that rely on their individual talent to push their foes into a corner. And when the two combine, they create an explosive mixture of brains and brawn that gives birth to some of the strongest LoL teams in the West.


It’s also worth noting that Europe has a much larger player base compared to North America. The region is teeming with talent, and every year brings countless new names into the competitive spotlight. And none of these newcomers are afraid of battling LEC veterans for their throne. But for every pro there’s a con. The LEC puts a strong emphasis on laning and mechanical ability, but this does come at a cost of teamwork and synergy. European pros are infamous for focusing on their own game while disregarding the needs of their teammates, so LEC games tend to be more hectic than those of other regions.

Of course, there’s a reason behind it. It’s difficult to build up a good communication framework between five players that don’t speak English as their first language. And while some organizations try to foster a healthy team environment, others don’t find it as important as raw talent. In the past, the LEC belonged to teams like Fnatic and G2 Esports. Now, European lineups are much closer in terms of firepower, and it’s only in the playoffs that great teams separate themselves from the rest.


With that, LoL LCS betting becomes a constant challenge—after all, it’s much harder to make an accurate prediction when you can’t tell the top dogs from the bottom feeders. But if you can make sense of the wild European scene, you’ll be rewarded lucrative odds and jaw-dropping League of Legends action. Granted, this is a high-risk, high-reward scenario, so we wouldn’t advise it to someone who’s just starting to learn where to bet on League of Legends, but veterans are sure to appreciate the complexity of LEC dynamics.

LCK LoL esports betting

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of League of Legends esports, it doesn’t get any better than the LCK. The acronym stands for “League of Legends Champions Korea” and the competitions itself takes place in Seoul, South Korea. At first glance, it resembles the LCS and the LEC. However, there’s one notable difference: all regular season matches are played in the Bo3 format.

This leads to a unique situation where Korean teams get a ton of stage time. It also creates outstanding opportunities for League betting because it’s easier to make accurate predictions in these circumstances. After all, variance is much less of a factor in prolonged series.


Keep in mind that every match is worth a lot here. The LCK playoffs work in a very different way to those of other regions, and the best regular season team gets an automatic bye to the finals. If that wasn’t enough, Korean organizations have to worry about relegation, and two worst-performing LCK teams are knocked down to the Promotion Tournament where they can get eliminated from the league by up-and-coming lineups.

But what about the actual playstyle? Well, anyone who’s ever asked the question of where to bet on League of Legends has to know just how cutthroat this competition is. Some fans even argue that winning an LCK title is harder than claiming a World Championship trophy, and while the notion might sound ridiculous, there is a grain of truth to it.

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South Korean teams reach extraordinary levels of play. They combine strategic prowess with razor-sharp mechanics, and it’s not uncommon to see average LCK teams give the best LCS/LEC lineups a run for their money. Then, there are international results. LCK teams are overwhelmingly dominant at major tournaments, and juggernauts like SKT T1, Samsung White, and ROX Tigers have forever engraved their names in LoL esports history. So even if your first instinct is to bet on League of Legends LCS games, consider giving this competition a shot.

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