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LoL World Championship Betting Guide – Day 5 & Day 6 Edition

Published on: 13/10/2018

The group stage of the LoL World Championship is approaching its end! Day 5 and Day 6 will see the conclusion of groups B and A respectively. Which teams are going to advance to the knockout stage, and which bets will give you the most value for your money? Find the answer in our betting guide for Day 5 and Day 6 of the competition!

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LoL World Championship – Day 5

Cloud9 vs Vitality

This is the first—and the only—Day 5 matchup in our LoL World Championship breakdown. It’s clear that things have been less than ideal for Cloud9. Blaber is far too volatile to show up at the Worlds stage, so C9 can’t make much use out of their double jungler setup. On top of that, Sneaky and Zeyzal have been consistently losing 2v2s against other group B bot lanes. Even so, Jensen and Licorice are doing very well for themselves in the solo lanes. And while C9 had a fair share of hectic early games, they still deserve some props for switching gears and bouncing back from these deficits.


Meanwhile, the only gear Vitality have is forward. This approach allowed them to have a very explosive debut, as they took Gen.G apart with constant playmaking. However, once the element of surprise disappeared, teams started adapting to Vitality’s aggression. To make matters worse, Kikis is playing some of his shakiest games to date, so Vitality are struggling to put together a stable mid/jungle duo. Combine that with their tendency to jump into reckless skirmishes, and this team will have a hard time closing games even when it’s ahead.

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LoL World Championship – Day 6

Afreeca Freecs vs Flash Wolves

Afreeca Freecs are looking to claw their way back from a 0-2 deficit! Mowgli was a breath of fresh air in their game against Phong Vu Buffalo, and his ganks made Afreeca much more dangerous in the early game. What’s more important is that Kiin is showing up on carry picks, so the LCK representatives can finally play around their top lane ace. That being said, the bot lane of Kramer and TusiN continues to be underwhelming, and it remains to be seen whether Afreeca fixed their drafting issues.


Don’t sell Flash Wolves short just because they lost to G2 Esports. They still have one of the best bot lanes at the tournament, and SwordArt, in particular, is exceptional at setting up teamfights and securing vision control in key areas. Meanwhile, Moojin always finds a way to make his presence known in the early game, and Maple seamlessly holds his ground against world-class mid laners. Throw in a good understanding of how to control objectives and move around the map, and Flash Wolves are a massive threat at this LoL World Championship.

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G2 Esports vs Afreeca Freecs

There’s a very good chance that this matchup ends up deciding who’s going to advance to the playoffs of the 2018 LoL World Championship, especially when you consider that G2 Esports already pulled off a couple of upsets! This team thrives in 1-3-1 setups that make full use of its powerhouse solo laners. Wunder and Perkz have been downright oppressive on carry champions, and their splitpushing is one of the main reasons behind G2’s 2-1 record. Hjarnan and Wadid have also been surprisingly stable in the bot lane, so as long as Jankos doesn’t fall apart in the jungle, G2 have what it takes to make a splash in their Worlds group.

G2 LoL World Championship

Granted, this matchup won’t be easy for them. Afreeca Freecs had plenty of time to study their opponents, so G2’s playstyle won’t catch them off guard. So even though Kiin and Kuro haven’t been as impressive as their G2 counterparts, they definitely have the mechanics and game sense to hold their ground in the laning phase. Still, problems are likely to come up in the pick/ban phase. Afreeca’s drafts are shaky enough on their own, but the fact that they have to use bans on Heimerdinger and (possibly) Camille will make things even more difficult for their coaching staff. And it’s very unlikely that Afreeca Freecs will be able to respond to G2’s splitpush without a better team comp.

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