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LoL Worlds Betting Cheat Sheet – Group Stage Edition

Published on: 09/10/2018

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship is finally here! The Main Event starts with a series of exciting group stage games on October 10. Of course, it can be difficult to tell the winners from the losers when you’re talking about the matchups between the best teams in the world, so we’ve prepared an in-depth LoL Worlds betting cheat sheet just for the occasion. Strap yourself in and let’s get right to it!

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LoL Worlds Betting – Day 1

It might be tempting to jump into LoL Worlds betting on Day 1, but we’d advise you against it. The first day of the event is filled with one-sided matches where obvious underdogs are facing clear-cut favorites, so it will be hard to extract any value here. Hence, we’re going to skip these matches in favor of…

LoL Worlds Betting – Day 2

Phong Vu Buffalo vs G2 Esports

It might come off as a surprise, but Phong Vu Buffalo aren’t that bad. Old-school fans might remember as Young Generation—a team that looked very competitive against Fnatic in the Worlds 2017 Play-In group stage. And they’ve definitely improved since then.

Their biggest strength lies in the top lane. Zeros is an absolute monster in carry-oriented matchups, and his laning and teamfighting are strong enough that he can even put world-class top laners on the back foot. The mid laner—Naul—also deserves some recognition for his solid performances on a wide range of mages, and while Meliodas can be a bit hit-or-miss in the jungle, he’s one of the few junglers that’s willing to be aggressive on carry champions. On top of that, PVB are very good at rotating and using globals, which gives them a strategic edge against disorganized teams.

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And it just so happens that G2 Esports fall into that category. There’s no denying that Perkz and Wunder can be downright overwhelming on carries, but PVB’s Naul and Zeros have the brains and the brawn to stand up to them. So even though Jankos has an edge over Meliodas, he will have a hard time pressing this advantage without winning solo lanes.

Meanwhile, the Play-In stage has already shown that G2 have no idea how to approach the late game. Their drafts tend to revolve around 1-3-1 setups, but they still fall into a pattern of grouping and forcing 5v5s, which makes for some very shaky teamfighting. Their vision control is equally lacking, and it’s common to see G2 giving away free kills by facechecking into the fog of war. So, unless Perkz and Wunder come out with their A-game, Phong Vu Buffalo have a very good shot at winning this game.

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Team Vitality vs Cloud9

It’s always exciting to see a clash between Europe and North America. However, the outcome of this battle might already be decided well in advance. Team Vitality are very good at drafting creative comps and overwhelming their opponents for the first 15 minutes of the game, but they fall apart if they can’t secure a significant advantage during that time frame.

The jungler—Kikis—can be ridiculously oppressive if he gets to execute his invade-heavy style, but he quickly runs out of steam if the enemy teams responds well to his aggression. The same applies to Atilla and Jactroll, who look dominant only when their team sets them up with a good matchup in the draft. Combine that with two supportive solo laners, and Vitality simply don’t have enough firepower to pull off their trademark playstyle at Worlds.


To make matters worse, Cloud9 are in a perfect spot to shut them down. Despite Jensen faltering in the Play-In stage, he still has the mechanics and game sense to outmuscle Jiizuke in the mid lane. In a similar fashion, Licorice will put a serious dent into Cabochard, making it difficult for Kikis to go for his invades without any backup.

The only possible weakness lies in the bot lane. That said, Sneaky and Zeyzal have proven themselves as the most consistent part of Cloud9’s lineup in the Play-In stage, so it’s unlikely that they will crumble in face of Vitality’s aggression. Hell, they might even turn the matchup on its head since Sneaky seems to be very willing to select lane-dominant AD carries in the pick/ban phase.

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