Betting Provider Comparison/LoL Worlds 2018 Betting Guide

LoL Worlds 2018 Betting Guide

Few esports events can compare to LoL Worlds 2018. Not only is it a premier tournament for the largest competitive game on the market but it’s also a grand spectacle filled with the strongest League of Legends teams from all over the globe. The stakes are high, so the tournament presents endless opportunities to flex your gambling muscles.

Still, the scale of the event can be daunting. So we’ve decided to make an in-depth LoL Worlds betting guide with relevant information on teams, start dates, and structure of this League of Legends competition! And at the end, you’ll find weekly betting tips where our esports experts share their insight for the most anticipated matches of League of Legends Worlds 2018!

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When Does League of Legends Worlds 2018 Start?

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship starts on October 1. Everything kicks off with a Play-In Stage that pits 12 teams from emerging regions against each other in an exciting battle for 4 Group Stage spots. But the real show comes with the beginning of the Main Event on October 10. We’re in for a full week of thrilling Group Stage matches where teams from all over the globe try to qualify for the knockout bracket!


And once the dust settles, it’s time for the League of Legends Worlds 2018 playoffs. The Quarterfinals will be played on October 20-21, then there will be the Semifinals on October 27-28, and—last but not least—the World Championship winner will be decided at the Finals on November 3.

As for the LoL World 2018 location, the tournament takes place in South Korea. With that, the matches will be played at a wide range of host cities, including Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, and Icheon.

Which Teams Qualified For LoL Worlds 2018?

The first part of the League of Legends World Championship (aka the Play-In Stage) is all about the emerging regions. The competition is short but fierce, and you’ll see many up-and-coming lineups trying to prove their worth at the international stage. With that in mind, here’s a list of teams that have already qualified for the Play-In Stage: EDward Gaming (China), G2 Esports (Europe), Cloud9 (North America), G-Rex (Hong Kong), KaBuM! e-Sports (Brazil), Gambit Esports (CIS), DetonatioN FocusMe (Japan), Infinity Esports (Latin America North), Kaos Latin Gamers (Latin America South), Dire Wolves (Oceania), Ascension Gaming (Southeast Asia), SuperMassive eSports (Turkey).

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Four of these lineups will advance to the Main Event where they will clash with teams from major regions. These are some of the best League of Legends teams in the world that went through thick and thin to make it to Worlds. Here are the organization that have already qualified for the Main Event: KT Rolster (South Korea), Afreeca Freecs (South Korea), Gen.G (South Korea), Royal Never Give Up (China), Invictus Gaming (China), Fnatic (Europe), Team Vitality (Europe), Team Liquid (North America), 100 Thieves (North America), Flash Wolves (Taiwan), MAD Team (Taiwan), Phong Vũ Buffalo (Vietnam).

For now, it’s unclear how Worlds groups will look like, so stay tuned for more information on this topic! Also, keep in mind that many lineups are still fighting for their World Championship spots, so we’ll be updating our lists as more teams qualify for the tournament.

What Stages Are There at League of Legends Worlds 2018?

As we’ve mentioned above, League of Legends Worlds 2018 can be broken down into two distinct parts. The first one is the Play-In Stage. This a cutthroat competition between the best wildcard teams and the worst lineups from major regions. Each wildcard team dominated a minor region, but it remains to be seen whether any of them can hold their own against top-tier opponents. Meanwhile, teams will be striving to prove themselves and advance to the next stage of the event. With that, only 4 out of 12 Play-In squads can qualify for the Main Event. Combine that with the fact that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most of these lineups, and we’re in for a bloody skirmish that will separate the best emerging regions from the rest.

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Still, the tournament reaches its peak during the Main Event. First, the remaining wildcard lineups meet top-tier teams from major regions in a grueling group stage. Each squad is thoroughly tested, so only the strongest can break into the playoffs. Then, tensions escalate to new highs as teams battle each other through vicious Bo5 series and the margin for error becomes so incredibly slim that even the slightest misstep can knock someone out of the tournament. Finally, the last team standing will raise the trophy and bask in the fame and glory that comes with being the best League of Legends team in the world!

Worlds Teams To Follow

Only two teams—Fnatic (EU LCS) and Invictus Gaming (LPL)—remain standing on the Worlds Championship stage. Both started their LoL Worlds 2018 journeys in the same group, so there’s already quite a bit of history between them. Invictus Gaming dealt the first blow by finding a quick win over the EU LCS champions, but Fnatic had the last laugh by scoring back-to-back victories against the LPL representatives. Now that the two are about to face each other again in the World Championship finals, one of them is destined to take the trophy. The only question is who’s it going to be?

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming entered the 2018 League of Legends World Championship in the shadow of the #1 LPL team Royal Never Give Up. They stole the spotlight with a confident victory against Fnatic in the group stage, but their success was short-lived, as Fnatic snatched the first seed right under their nose. Still, IG regained their composure and knocked out the strongest South Korean team—KT Rolster—in a close 5-game quarterfinal. They kept the momentum going with a 3-0 victory against G2 Esports in the semifinals, and now they’re setting their gaze on the Worlds trophy.

LoL Worlds Invictus Gaming

The main reason behind Invictus Gaming’s success lies in the solo lanes. Their ace—Rookie—has made a solid claim to being the best mid laner at LoL Worlds 2018 by overwhelming his opponents with razor-sharp mechanics and never-ending barrages of outplays. Meanwhile, TheShy turned the entire top lane into his kingdom, and his carry-oriented playstyle became the cornerstone of IG’s strategies. Combine that with a daring jungler in Ning and an explosive bot lane in JackeyLove and Baolang, and Invictus Gaming have all the tools needed to exact their revenge.


Prior to Worlds 2018, many fans hailed the EU LCS champions as the best team in the West. If that’s the case, Fnatic certainly lived up to this reputation. They had a slow start in the group stage, but they came back with a vengeance by pulling the rug from under Invictus Gaming to finishing their group in first place. The playoffs had Fnatic claiming a bloody 3-1 victory against Edward Gaming and making a clean sweep over Cloud9. Now they’re preparing themselves for a rematch against the same team that inflicted their first loss of the tournament.

In Europe, Fnatic lived and died by their mid lane carry Caps. However, when the mid laner wavered on the World Championship stage, other players stepped up to the plate. Bwipo became a solid pressure point in the top lane, and Broxah took over the jungle with a wide range of playmaking champions. Meanwhile, Rekkles showed off his mechanical prowess by seamlessly dominating 5v5 teamfights, and it’s the way all these pieces came together that made Fnatic such a force to be reckoned with.

LoL Worlds 2018 Betting Tips

Now, it’s time for the meat of our LoL Worlds Betting Guide! The 2018 League of Legends World Championship is filled with countless gambling opportunities and punters from all over the globe will be looking to get in on the action. That said, you need to be very careful about picking your battles. After all, LoL Worlds 2018 is the largest tournament of the year and the sheer number of participants makes it very difficult to tell how everyone matches up against each other.

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Don’t fret, though, because we’ll be doing weekly betting tips to help you make sense of the competition! Here, you will find expert insight and exclusive match predictions for some of the most anticipated matches of the tournament. And as long as you take the time to read them, you’ll always have a few value bets in your arsenal!

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