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LoL Worlds Betting Odds 2018

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship kicks off on October 1. Many bookmakers have already released LoL Worlds betting odds for upcoming matches, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed with a never-ending stream of gambling opportunities. Don’t worry, though, because our brief guide will help you tell the good LoL betting Worlds odds from the bad ones while highlighting exactly where you need to go to get the best offers possible!

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LoL Worlds Betting Odds Types 2018

Worlds Tournament Winner Odds

There are currently several types of LoL Worlds betting odds you can explore. First, many sites present punters with opportunities to place bets on tournament winners. Right now, the Chinese team Royal Never Give Up is considered a strong favorite to claim the World Championship title, so a tournament winner bet in their favor would never be a bad idea. Alternatively, you can place a wager on the 2017 champions—Gen.G—if you’re looking for better LoL betting Worlds odds with a high probability of success.

Worlds Region of Winner Odds


Then, you have the region of winner bets. While the LoL Worlds betting odds can be high for regions like Europe and North America, betting on them would be akin to wasting your hard-earned cash. Throughout the history of League of Legends, a Western team has never once even come close to winning a World Championship, so it’s safe to say the battle for Worlds 2018 will be decided by China or South Korea. Both regions offer decent odds, but considering the current meta favors the Chinese playstyle, we’d advise you to back the former.

Worlds Group Stage Odds

But the main course of every World Championship is betting on League of Legends matches. The biggest part of the tournaments takes place in the group stage. Coincidentally, this is also where punters can extract the most value out of their bets by taking advantage of lucrative LoL Worlds betting odds that come from bookmakers not being familiar with the matchups.

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Just keep in mind that most group stage offers revolve around standard match winner bets, although you can run into more complex wagers like First Team To Kill a Dragon or First Team to Secure First Blood. In that case, try to place these wagers while live betting since you need as much information as possible to make a profit on such volatile markets.

Worlds Playoffs Odds

Still, the most exciting part of the World Championship is the playoffs. Here, you will be able to find LoL Worlds betting odds for offers like handicap, correct score, total maps in addition to the markets you’ve already encountered during the group stage. Since all of the playoffs matches take the shape of Bo5s, things won’t be as hectic here, so take your time to analyze stats and separate the underdogs from the favorites. After all, you don’t want to fall for high LoL betting Worlds odds if that means your team has a 1/10 chance of winning the matchup.

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