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LoL Worlds Groups Betting Predictions – Day 3

Published on: 11/10/2018

The Main Event of Worlds 2018 is in motion! Teams have already exchanged blows during the first few days of the group stage, so we’re adjusting our betting tips for Day 3 of LoL Worlds groups. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Team Liquid vs Edward Gaming

It’s certainly true that Team Liquid didn’t look good on the first day of LoL Worlds groups. However, you have to consider they were facing the undisputed best team in South Korea. They also had one of the worst starts possible in the bot lane, which is the main pressure point of their team.

Despite that, Team Liquid showed some glimpses of brilliance. Xmithie bounced back from the initial early game deficit and made his presence known around the map, Impact held his own against the top lane powerhouse that is Smeb, and while Doublelift and Olleh had a rough laning phase, they found a way to claw their way back into the game. The only problem is Pobelter, but as long as he can break even in the mid lane, Liquid still have the brains and the brawn to be a solid team.

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Edward Gaming went in the opposite direction. Granted, their individual strength is not to be underestimated. Scout and iBoy have already made their presence known with their razor-sharp mechanics and split-second decision-making. And when you give these carries an aggressive jungler in Haru and two confident initiators in Ray and Meiko, you have a very explosive mix on your hands.

Unfortunately, EDG have close to no idea how to manage their aggression. With that, they often dominate the laning phase only to fall apart when it’s time to fight for objectives and rotate around the map. As long as Team Liquid can hold off this onslaught for the first 15 minutes of the game, they should have a sizeable edge later on.

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Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming

This is going to be the most hyped Day 3 matchup of LoL Worlds groups! Fnatic are the undisputed best team in Europe, and they’ve just cemented this status with a confident victory against 100 Thieves. Caps played out of his mind in the mid lane, but it was really the way Fnatic used this advantage to take over the rest of the map that has us excited for this team.

Then, there are the side lanes. Rekkles and Hylissang are playing with much more confidence compared to their previous showing at the MSI. The same applies to sOAZ who’s once again proven himself as the rock in the top lane. With that, Fnatic have a very potent combination of micro and macro that’s sure to catch most teams at Worlds off guard.

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But their current opponents are no pushovers either. Invictus Gaming had a dominant debut against G-Rex, as they crushed the LMS representatives in lane and out of it. There’s a lot of hype around their mid laner Rookie who showed off his mechanical prowess on Irelia, however, we’re even more impressed with how well Ning initiated teamfights on Zac.

Another thing to consider is that—unlike EDG—Invictus Gaming are not a team that relies solely on brute force to claim their victories. The entire squad had a very calm and calculated approach in the game against G-Rex, and while IG still have TheShy as a potential ace up their sleeve, we like how structured they looked with Duke as their top laner.

BETTING ADVICE: This is going to be a close one! However, Fnatic made a stronger case for themselves in the match against 100 Thieves, and they’re definitely more versatile in the late game than IG. You can bet on Fnatic stealing the W from Invictus Gaming for odds of 2.75 at Betway.

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100 Thieves vs G-Rex

This LoL Worlds groups matchup is also an interesting one, albeit for different reasons. Both teams had a rough start to their Worlds 2018. 100 Thieves, in particular, struggled to build up any momentum around their mid and bottom lanes. Not only was Ryu completely outclassed by Caps, but the Rikara/Aphromoo duo lost a lot of ground to the Rekkles/Hylissang bot lane. To top it all off, 100 Thieves are still clinging on to their scaling playstyle, but it’s exceptionally difficult to pull it off when your carries are losing hard in the laning phase.


Meanwhile, G-Rex were a bit more competitive. Candy and Stitch held their own well in the early stages of the game, and it was only in the mid game that they cracked under the Invictus Gaming pressure. Moreover, they have a talented top laner—PK—who should be able to stand up to 100T’s Ssumday. G-Rex are also way more proactive than their North American opponents, so unless 100 Thieves come out with a different game plan, they will get crushed before they can hit their late game power spike.

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