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LoL Worlds Groups Predictions – Day 7 & Day 8

Published on: 15/10/2018

The group stage of the League of Legends World Championship is coming to an end! Day 7 and Day 8 will see the last four teams qualifying for the quarterfinals from groups C and D respectively. With that, we’re making a LoL Worlds groups betting guide for the final days of the competition!

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LoL Worlds Groups Betting – Day 7

Team Liquid vs KT Rolster

Team Liquid had a rough start to their tournament. Pobelter looks lost in the early game, as he struggles to hold his ground against aggressive mid laners. The same applies to Doublelift and Olleh who aren’t nearly as explosive as Team Liquid needs them to be in face of world-class bot lanes. Still, TL’s biggest issue comes from macro. Team Liquid put a strong emphasis on skirmishing and contesting objectives even when they are in no position to win the actual teamfights. And as long as they turn away from this self-destructive playstyle, they should have a better showing on Day 7 of the event.

LoL Worlds Groups TL

Of course, KT Rolster will still be a tough foe to challenge. Deft and Mata have already shown they can outmuscle TL’s bot lane, and Ucal seems to have the number of TL’s mid laner. That said, KT Rolster have a bit of a lull in the later stages of the game. It took them 32 minutes to close their previous match against TL even when they had one of the best starts possible, so as long as Team Liquid clean up their act, they should be able to put up a better fight.

BETTING ADVICE: KT may be the clear-cut favorites, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any LoL Worlds groups betting opportunities here! You can bet on the total game time being over 33 minutes for odds of 1.86 at ArcaneBet.

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Edward Gaming vs Team Liquid

There’s no denying that Edward Gaming are looking strong. This is a team of immense mechanical talent, and players like Scout and iBoy routinely overpower their opponents in the early game. However, EDG have definite gaps in their macro knowledge, so they often prioritize laning and skirmishing instead of securing objectives. On top of that, Haro and Clearlove tend to play around the mid lane, which leaves their bot lane wide open to enemy ganks.

betway lol betting site

And if there’s one thing Team Liquid like, it’s pressuring the bot lane! Xmithie practically lives on the bottom side of the map, and Impact doesn’t hesitate to set up his AD carry for success with well-timed teleports. Another thing to consider is that, despite having a 1-2 record after the first part of the group stage, TL put a lot of stock into dragon control—so much so that they have the third-best dragon control rate at Worlds.

BETTING ADVICE: Once again, this matchups isn’t that great if you’re planning to wager on the straight-up match winner. However, you can bet on Team Liquid securing the first Dragon of the game for LoL Worlds groups betting odds of 2.10 at Betway.

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LoL Worlds Groups Betting – Day 8

Invictus Gaming vs G-Rex

Invictus Gaming have been downright overwhelming. Rookie is a force of nature in the mid lane, and JackeyLove and Baolan are just as explosive on the bottom side of the map. Moreover, they can sub in TheShy to beat down their opponents with a triple threat team comp, so it’s not exactly surprising that Invictus Gaming have a 3-0 record and the fastest average game time at the tournament.

arcanebet lol betting

Meanwhile, G-Rex are shaky at best. This team struggled to gain any momentum with Baybay in the jungle, but even subbing him out for Empt2y did little to change this narrative. To make matters worse, Candy and Stitch aren’t nearly as solid as they need to be, and it’s common to see them committing positioning mistakes in lane and out of it.

BETTING ADVICE: Invictus Gaming are in the perfect spot to dismantle G-Rex. You can bet on the total game time being under 29 minutes for LoL Worlds groups betting odds of 1.86 at ArcaneBet.

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Invictus Gaming vs 100 Thieves

A similar story takes place in this matchup. Invictus Gaming have shown their carries are head and shoulders above those of 100T. They’re also much better at setting up proactive plays and coordinating together in teamfights and skirmishes.

LoL Worlds 100T

As for 100 Thieves, they already had an opportunity to prove themselves when they managed to get a good top side trade in their previous match against Invictus Gaming, but failed to snowball it into a meaningful advantage. And considering IG aren’t going to repeat the same mistakes, things are looking grim for 100T coming into this series.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on the total game time being under 29 minutes for LoL Worlds groups betting odds of 1.86 at ArcaneBet.

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