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LoL Worlds Quarterfinals Predictions

Published on: 19/10/2018

The 2018 League of Legends Worlds Championship is entering the knockout stage! Tensions are at an all-time high as the best teams in the world are preparing to face each other in four exciting quarterfinals series. Who’s going to win, who’s going to lose, and how can you make some money in the process? Find the answer in our detailed LoL Worlds quarterfinals predictions!

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KT Rolster vs Invictus Gaming

It’s fair to say that KT Rolster are the strongest representative from South Korea. Their roster is stacked with talent, and carries like Ucal and Deft have repeatedly stunned their opponents with an explosive mix of game sense and mechanical prowess. Other players also deserve recognition. The support—Mata—is one of the best playmakers in the game, and Smeb can be downright oppressive in the top lane.

But the biggest star is Score. His jungle pathing is so refined that it’s almost like he’s omnipresent, and he always seems to know what he needs to do to get his teammates rolling. Combine that with a good grasp of macro and potent teamfighting, and it’s easy to see why many LoL Worlds quarterfinals predictions consider KT the tournament favorites.

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Of course, Invictus Gaming are no pushovers either. Their ace—Rookie—seamlessly tears through his foes in the laning phase and pulls off spectacular outplays in teamfights and skirmishes. In a similar fashion, TheShy is downright overwhelming in carry vs carry matchups, and his substitute, Duke, is exceptional at navigating teamfights and finding teleport opportunities.

Unfortunately, other IG players aren’t up to par. The jungler—Ning—can single-handedly take over the game on a good day, but he can also be close to invisible on a bad one.  And while JackeyLove and Baolan put a lot of pressure on its opponents, their brash aggression can backfire when they fail to account for enemy ganks. To make matters worse, Invictus Gaming aren’t a great teamfighting team, so they need to secure individual advantages if they want to have a chance in this series.

BETTING ADVICE: It’s clear that our LoL Worlds quarterfinals predictions are leaning towards KT. Invictus Gaming rely on splitpushing and mechanically outplaying their opponents, but KT Rolster have the brains and brawn to challenge them. Granted, IG might steal one win off the back of Rookie’s performance, but we don’t see them getting much else. You can bet on KT Rolster scoring a 3-1 victory over Invictus Gaming for odds of 3.40 at Tipbet.

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Royal Never Give Up vs G2 Esports

Despite their losses to Team Vitality and Cloud9, Royal Never Give Up are still a powerhouse in every sense of the world. Uzi has time and time again proven he’s on another level compared to other marksmen, and his razor-sharp mechanics and split-seconds decision-making make him the driving force behind RNG’s success. Meanwhile, Ming routinely sets up his superstar AD carry with great picks and initiations, and LetMe and Xiaohu act as secondary threats in the solo lanes.

Still, RNG’s jungle isn’t as strong as it needs to be. Neither Karsa nor Ming are solid enough to consistently perform in the early game. On top of that, RNG’s bot-centric drafts can get one-dimensional, which leaves them wide open to unorthodox strategies.

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At first glance, G2 Esports are in a perfect spot to exploit this. Every single player on this roster has a vast champion pool as well as a good number of off-meta picks at their disposal. Moreover, Perkz and Wunder are some of the best splitpushers at the tournament, so they should be able to disrupt RNG’s teamfighting.

The cracks begin to show in the bot lane. Hjarnan and Wadid aren’t a bad duo, but they’re nowhere near the level of Uzi and Ming—especially if they don’t get their trademark Jhin and Heimerdinger picks. And even though Jankos can be explosive in the jungle, he can just as easily go on a massive feeding spree. Also, the entire lineup suffers from bad pathing and positioning mistakes, so RNG will have plenty of opportunities to pick them apart in the later stages of the game.

BETTING ADVICE: This is a good stylistic matchup for G2 Esports. Their 1-3-1 playstyle can be a great counter to RNG’s teamfighting, and if they get Perkz and Wunder going, they could give the LPL champions a run for their money. Unfortunately, G2 just don’t have a large enough advantage in the solo lanes to pull this off. Meanwhile, their bot lane will have a hard time standing up to the Uzi/Ming duo, so RNG are still massive favorites in our LoL Worlds quarterfinals predictions. You can bet on RNG claiming a 3-0 victory against G2 Esports for odds of 2.90 at Betway.

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Afreeca Freecs vs Cloud9

Don’t sleep on Afreeca Freecs! They might not have looked impressive during the first half of the group stage, but this team shines in a Bo5 setting. The main reason behind this is the coaching staff. Afreeca always come into their series with a good understanding of what they need to achieve on the Rift and in the pick/ban phase.

Granted, their players still need to set these strategies in motion. Fortunately for Afreeca, they have one of the strongest rosters at the tournament. Kiin is the poster boy of Korean top laners, as he seamlessly dominates carry vs carry matchups and snowballs these leads to other parts of the map. In a similar fashion, Spirit is a battle-hardened veteran with a good sense for objective control and efficient jungle pathing. Throw in a potent bot lane of Kramer and TusiN and a rock-solid mid laner in Kuro, and Afreeca Freecs have more than enough talent to execute their game plans.

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That being said, Cloud9 couldn’t have hoped for a better matchup. They thrive on early aggression and constant skirmishes, which presents a stark contrast to Afreeca’s measured playstyle. Moreover, they have plenty of firepower to challenge their opponents in the solo lanes. Licorice has already proven himself as one of the best top laners at the tournament with dominant showings on carries, bruisers, and off-meta champions. The same applies to Jensen, who’s shown up on a wide range of mid lane champions.

Unfortunately, Cloud9 don’t have a lot of stability in the bot lane. Sneaky and Zeyzal are very good when it’s time to teamfight and work together with their teammates, but they don’t have the mechanics to stand up for themselves in the laning phase. To make matters worse, Cloud9’s decision-making tends to fall off towards the later stages of the game, so Afreeca will be able to grind them down in the long run.

BETTING ADVICE: This will be close! Cloud9 have the tools to put a dent into their opponents, but the same can be said about Afreeca. In the end, Afreeca Freecs are better at playing around their bot lane and navigating late game teamfights, so we’re inclined to tip the scales in their favor in our LoL Worlds quarterfinals predictions. You can bet on Afreeca Freecs finding a 3-2 win over Cloud9 for odds of 4.81 at ArcaneBet.

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Fnatic vs Edward Gaming

Fnatic took over group D with the most impressive showing we’ve seen from a Western team to date. Usually, Caps is the spearhead of their offensive, but while he did show up in teamfights and skirmishes, he still spent the most important games in the shadow of his teammates.

Broxah put on an absolute clinic in the jungle, and there’s a good chance his Lee Sin will be permabanned for the rest of the World Championship. In a similar fashion, Rekkles stepped up to the plate in the bot lane, dominating the competition with daring trades, and Hylissang took over the map with his roams and power plays. Still, the biggest strength of Fnatic comes from macro. They have a good grasp of how to take over the map, and they don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on objectives and teamfights.


On paper, Edward Gaming have the talent to challenge them. Scout is a mid lane juggernaut that’s always looking for an opening to go for a play and outclass his opponents. In a similar fashion, Ray routinely takes over the top lane, and iBoy and Meiko break open entire games with their bot lane aggression.

However, EDG’s junglers are lagging behind. Neither Clearlove nor Haro was able to put together a string of consistent performances at Worlds, so Edward Gaming will have a hard time covering their laners from enemy ganks. Additionally, EDG struggle to transition individual leads into global advantages. And while they can put on a show in teamfights, they tend to fall apart when it’s time to set up objectives and rotate around the map.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Fnatic scoring a 3-1 victory against Edward Gaming for odds of 3.41 at Bet-At-Home.

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