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LoL Worlds Semi Finals Predictions

Published on: 23/10/2018

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship is approaching its culmination! After a string of twists, turns, and exciting upsets, only the top-4 teams remain standing. Which squads have the best odds of winning—and how can you make some money off it? Find the answer in our LoL Worlds semi finals predictions!

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G2 Esports vs Invictus Gaming

A week ago, everyone (including us) dismissed G2 Esports, and boy have they proven us wrong! The #3 EU LCS seed took over the World Championship by upsetting the tournament favorites in Royal Never Give Up and going to LoL Worlds semi finals in their stead. Not only that, but G2 did this by tearing through enemy solo lanes and executing their trademark 1-3-1 playstyle.

With that, the obvious players to follow here are Wunder and Perkz. Both are strong laners and explosive playmakers, and if it wasn’t for them, G2 would quickly run out of plays in their playbook. However, Hjarnan and Wadid also deserve props for holding their own against the best bot lane in the world. Wadid, in particular, played a key part in G2’s victories by continuously roaming and protecting his carries.

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Unfortunately, Invictus Gaming is a horrible matchup for G2. This team has also toppled one of the tournament titans in KT Rolster, and it did it in the exact same way as G2—but better. In fact, Invictus Gaming aren’t limited to playing 1-3-1, and they have more than enough firepower to challenge their foes in 5v5 teamfights.

Rookie is an absolute monster in the mid lane, and he’s already made a claim to being the best player in LoL Worlds semi finals. His dominance is reinforced by IG’s top lane duo of Duke and TheShy. The former provides a solid frontline for the times when Invictus Gaming want to draft a teamfighting composition, and the latter acts as a massive splitpushing threat. Combine that with a relentlessly aggressive bot lane of JackeyLove and Baolan, and IG look set to take this series.

BETTING ADVICE: G2 are running short on win conditions. Whatever they can do, IG can do better, so the outcome of this series is practically predestined. You can bet on Invictus Gaming scoring a 3-1 victory over G2 Esports for odds of 2.95 at Betway.

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Cloud9 vs Fnatic

Cloud9 are on a roll! Their series against Afreeca Freecs was one of the best displays a North American team has ever had at an international tournament—and for good reason! This team pulls out all stops in the early game, and it keeps accelerating the tempo through teamfights and skirmishes. Combine that with some of the most creative drafts at Worlds 2018, and it’s no wonder C9 made it all the way to LoL Worlds semi finals.

The individual talent is there too. Jensen is having the tournament of his lifetime, as he’s putting on a clinic on carries and utility picks alike. The same applies to Licorice, who seamlessly combines a vast champion pool with a sharp game sense and raw mechanical talent. Moreover, the duo of Sneaky and Zeyzal stepped up in the bot lane, so C9 might have three winning lanes if they approach the draft from the right angle.

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Meanwhile, Fnatic are on a downswing. Their pick/ban phase is shaky at best, and it’s common to see them enter the Rift with very narrow win conditions. To make matters worse, their ace—Caps—is underperforming. Whether it’s because of nerves, lack of confidence, or simple skill discrepancy, the Danish mid laner struggles to hold his own in the laning phase, and while he finds a way to make up for this in teamfights, he’s not nearly as dominant as Fnatic need him to be.

Granted, other lanes are pulling their weight. Bwipo is doing serious work in the top lane, and—barring that one game on Elise—Broxah always finds ways to set up his carries for success. And while Hylissang can be volatile with his plays, Rekkles routinely tops the damage charts in teamfights and skirmishes.

BETTING ADVICE: This will be close! Each roster is stacked with talent, so this series will most likely come down to who shows up on the day of the LoL Worlds semi finals. That said, Fnatic are very inconsistent with their drafts and early game setups, and C9 are in a prime position to punish that. You can bet on Cloud9 winning a close 3-2 series against Fnatic for odds of 6.50 at EsportsBetting. Alternatively, consider placing a match winner bet on C9 for odds of 2.75 on the same platform if you want to minimize the risks.

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