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2018 NA LCS Summer Split Predictions – Week 2

Published on: 20/06/2018

The NA LCS Summer Split (2018) continues on June 23! With that, we’re doing betting predictions for week 2 of the competition. This time, we’ll be highlighting only the best deals possible instead of breaking down every single matchup. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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NA LCS Match Predictions – Day 1

Echo Fox vs OpTic Gaming

At first glance, this seems very straightforward. The current meta makes Echo Fox feel like a fish in the water, and they’ve already demonstrated that by incorporating flex picks and even role swaps in the first week of their NA LCS Summer Split 2018 schedule.

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Meanwhile, OpTic are a slow team. They take time to get going, and their carries don’t come online until the mid game. Unfortunately, their opponents excel at breaking open the early game, so OpTic won’t get an opportunity to execute this NA LCS Summer Split 2018 game plan. Combine that with the fact that OpTic’s laners tend to struggle in the early game, and we’re in for another clean win for Echo Fox.

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NA LCS Match Predictions – Day 2

FlyQuest vs OpTic Gaming

This NA LCS Summer Split 2018 match is much closer. FlyQuest have already showcased their ability to keep up with Echo Fox, but their decision-making is sloppy. With that, they won’t be able to dictate the pace of the game in the laning phase. They’re also not great individually, and players like Keane, WildTurtle, KonKwon, and Santorin often have a hard time holding their own in the early game.

OpTic NA LCS Predictions

As for OpTic, this plays exactly into their hands. They need the game to drag in order to hit their power spikes and start winning teamfights. Moreover, the duo of Akaadian and PowerOfEvil is much stronger than its FlyQuest counterpart, so OpTic should be able to seize mid lane priority. The only point of worry lies in the top lane. Flame is an absolute beast in lane, but as long as OpTic can negate this advantage by drafting a good matchup for Dhokla, our NA LCS Summer Split predictions lean heavily in their favor.

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Team Liquid vs TSM

This is a spicy one! Team Liquid are the reigning NA LCS champions, so it might seem like they should have the edge here. However, their overreliance on Doublelift and Olleh makes them one-dimensional. Combine that with Pobelter and Impact being very hit-or-miss lately, and TL might have a much tougher road to the NA LCS Summer Split finals.

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At the same time, TSM have the solid duo of Zven and Mithy to hold off the bot lane onslaught. Their solo lanes are also head and shoulders above those of Liquid, so Bjergsen and Hauntzer should have no issue breaking open the game. The only possible weakness is Grig in the jungle. But as long as his teammates get decent matchups, they should be able to cover him.

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Clutch Gaming vs Counter Logic Gaming

Our final NA LCS Summer Split predictions are for the Clutch Gaming vs CLG matchup. It’s clear that Clutch Gaming saw some improvements in the offseason. LirA is looking much stronger compared to his form in spring, which means he can further empower the monster that is Febiven. That said, Solo seems shaky, and Apollo and Hakuho have a hard time adapting to the influx of new bot lane picks.

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Meanwhile, CLG are on the rise. Their synergy is looking better than ever, which is especially noticeable in the bot lane. But even Darshan, Reignover, and Huhi are playing with so much confidence that they already look set to take on the NA LCS playoffs 2018. If that wasn’t enough, this meta is perfect for CLG’s proactive playstyle, and they will be sure to expose Clutch Gaming’s sluggish early game.

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