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League of Legends Resources

Much like many established esports, LoL is more than just a game. It’s an entire universe with its own lore, breaking news, enchanting artwork, and other League of Legends resources. The professional scene also goes far beyond a handful of teams competing against each other, and there are countless League of Legends wikis that break down champions, items, and in-game mechanics for aspiring pros and spectators.

So, if you’re looking to learn more about all things League of Legends, this section is for you!

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What is League of Legends Resources?

League of Legends resources is everything surrounding the actual game! It can be as simple as a collection of cool LoL wallpapers or as complex as LoL betting tips around the best tournaments.

We’ll also branch out into what makes a good fantasy LCS draft, talk about the things that League of Legends supports contribute in competitive play, and shed some light on obscure mechanics that you would be hard-pressed to find on your regular League of Legends wiki. As we’ve said, the game is huge, so there’s a lot going on around it.

Why Do I Need League of Legends Resources?

Technically speaking, you don’t need them. However, if you’re only interested in LoL esports betting, many League of Legends resources can provide the information you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. For instance, you might visit a news site and discover that a player on the team you wanted to bet on was benched for the upcoming match, which will inevitably influence your decision-making.

Alternatively, you can turn to various LoL betting guides and League of Legends wikis to learn more about what makes the game tick. You don’t need to have the same level of knowledge as LoL esports pros, but understanding what’s happening on the screen will give you a significant edge over your bookmaker. And that’s something no punter would be willing to pass up.

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There’s also a chance you want to try fantasy LCS. Fantasy League of Legends betting is a completely different beast from conventional LoL esports gambling, so it might be difficult to tackle it on your own. With that in mind, our resources section has a quick introduction to the basic fantasy LCS concepts as well as some tips on how to build your first team.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of the game. League of Legends has been around since 2009, and the game’s publisher—Riot Games—didn’t just spend all of this time fine-tuning in-game balance and honing the esports side of things. Instead, they created an entire world with its own heroes, villains, and exciting narratives. And if you want to get familiar with the stories behind different factions, champions, and battlegrounds, we will give you the means to do so.

Okay, Where Do I Go From Here?

That depends on what you’re interested in. For instance, you can find a lot of information on the technical parts of the game on the League of Legends support page. However, if you’re looking for the other things we’ve mentioned, we’ll provide you with links to reputable news sites, guides, and our own articles from some of the best LoL esports experts in the scene. So take the next step and dive deep into the vast world of League of Legends resources!

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